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Herzogenaurach, Germany, December 7th, 2023

Global sports company PUMA reveals a new collaboration with US upcycler, Andrew Burgess and his brand VIVID VISIONS with the launch of an experimental one-off capsule collection

Working closely with PUMA, Andrew has created five designs, each crafted entirely from PUMA’s recycled polyester RE:FIBRE fabric. Shot on models in London’s iconic York Hall Leisure Centre, the art direction combines futuristic fashion design with retro sports nostalgia, paying homage to PUMA’s roots, while celebrating the brand and Andrews’ commitment to sustainable textile innovation 

The creative imagery shows the garments repeated over and overreflecting the infinite possibilities of circular fashion, where old garments are transformed into new ones, again and again 

Andrew, known for his talent in repurposing unwanted and damaged clothes, was inspired by PUMA's factory partners during a visit to Turkey. During his visit, Andrew witnessed first-hand the impressive progress PUMA has made in scaling up circular textile technology and produced his own bespoke RE:FIBRE fabric from recycled polyester garments. 

Seeing the innovation, research, machinery, sustainable practices and production that goes into crafting RE:FIBRE fabric was eye-opening. When I think of garment production, I think of the final sewing stage where the fabric comes together to make the finished product as that’s typically my upcycling process. But learning exactly what goes into breaking down old textiles - that would potentially have otherwise gone to landfillbefore they become something new was super interesting.”  Andrew says. 


The collection itself reflects the beauty of the RE:FIBRE recycling process, with designs that embody the shredded, depolymerised, repolymerised, and reimagined textiles.  

Andrew says “My brand VIVID VISIONS is all about blending the past with the future, so working with PUMA to create a one-off collection made from a ‘new’ recycled fabric was pretty cool. The fabric strips on the sleeves represent the RE:FIBRE yarn that’s been spun from the melted polymers, and the cut off trousers and jacket reflect the transformative process that is RE:FIBRE.” 

This fashion experiment comes as a result of the ongoing collaboration between PUMA and the US based upcycler, who is part of PUMA’s Voices of A RE:GENERATION – an initiative that aims to improve transparency and conduct greater communication regarding the brand’s sustainability efforts. 

The custom PUMA x VIVID VISIONS one-off collection is the final chapter in Andrews’ creative Thread the Loop campaign, a social content series which aims to raise awareness of PUMA’s efforts toward achieving100% of product polyester used, coming from textile waste”, as PUMA CSO Anne-Laure Descours stated. “Rethinking how we produce garments and experimenting with ways that we can move towards a more circular business model is one of the main priorities of our sustainability strategy.”

Since the launch of the pilot in 2022, PUMA has produced recycled training jerseys for Manchester City, AC Milan, Olympique de Marseille and Borussia Dortmund. This month, PUMA have announced they’ve scaled up the textile recycling innovation. In 2024 official PUMA football replica jerseys* including those for the Euro and Copa América tournaments will be manufactured using RE:FIBRE recycled materials, made from old garments and factory waste rather than only recycled plastic bottles 

Find images and videos of the PUMA x VIVID VISIONS by Andrew Burgess shoot here and watch Andrew’s Thread The Loop Series to learn about his experience with RE:FIBRE in the run-up to the collection, here.