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Herzogenaurach, Germany, 1 ST July 2024

Global Sports Company PUMA, is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team and RÆBURN, the innovative London-based creative studio known for repurposing surplus materials. This dynamic partnership amplifies the upcycling ethos of RÆBURN, using race-worn suits from the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team to create elevated pieces. Combined with PUMA's rich sporting heritage, this collaboration creates a groundbreaking collection that seamlessly blends motorsport engineering with cutting-edge fashion design.

The PUMA x MAPF1 x RÆBURN collection epitomizes the premium performance and spirit of all three collaborators. This unique collection merges elements from race-worn suits of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team drivers and mechanics, including 
the legendary seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton as well as George Russell’s, with RÆBURN's amplified upcycling method. By transforming these elements into elevated fashion pieces through cutting-edge design and the use of recycled materials, this collection redefines modern luxury in sports fashion. Each item embodies a fusion of rich motorsport heritage and craftsmanship, making it a true standout.

Chris Raeburn, Founder & Creative Director of RÆBURN, commented: "2024 is RÆBURN's 15th anniversary and our project with PUMA and Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team brings with it enormous pride; we've been able to bring the very best of our Remade, Reduced and recycled ethos to two incredible brands and the outcome is a radical move on from anything we've ever worked on before. From the Remade masterpieces, crafted in our East London studio through to the broader collection, manufactured in close partnership with Puma each item in the range has a special story and a reason for being. At RÆBURN we've always looked to disrupt, innovate and inspire and I'd like to think this project really pushes our focus on Responsible Design further than ever before."

Richard Sanders, Chief Commercial Officer of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, said: “Our relationship with Puma has continually pushed the boundaries. Our latest collaboration propels these even further in a highly innovative way by combining our shared common values of style and sustainability. The outcome, working hand-in-hand with RÆBURN, has created a groundbreaking collection that we are truly proud of. We are sure our fans will enjoy the chance to own a piece of the team's history whilst proudly display their own fashion.”

In the PUMA x MAPF1 x RÆBURN collaboration, there are three distinct tiers of products that highlight different aspects of the partnership. First, the hero masterpiece jacket remade from an original race-worn Nomex® driver suit from Lewis Hamilton at the Spanish Grand Prix in August 2020, will be auctioned off online at a later stage following thee British Grand Prix. This is a unique item made only for this occasion.


Secondly, the other masterpieces are a combination of suits worn across the 2022 season by both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as well as their mechanics. These unique items will not be available for purchase directly from PUMA but the 2022 masterpiece will be offered on for a raffle.

Lastly, the collection includes a super limited quantity of items made from deadstock Nomex®—unused remainders of the same high-performance material used in racesuits. These deadstock Nomex® pieces retain the integrity and durability of racewear, reimagined into stylish, street-ready apparel that embodies the essence of motorsport.

RÆBURN’s renowned upcycling techniques reimagines and repurposes Nomex® into stylish, street-ready apparel and limited-edition sneakers, such as the Velophasis and Spirex. Each piece in the collection embodies the values of being recycled and reimagined, showcasing the seamless blend of style and performance. 

This initiative provides fans with a rare opportunity to own a truly one-of-a-kind piece from the collaboration and a piece of history through a race-winning suits, with all proceeds from the auction supporting charitable causes. 

The PUMA x MAPF1 x RÆBURN project is more than just a fashion collection; it is a representation of shared values and a pioneering spirit. Every aspect of this collaboration is driven by a commitment to high performance design.This partnership underscores the belief that unity and the fusion of diverse talents can lead to exceptional results.