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Merchandising / Buying

Apparel Merchandiser

Tokyo, Japan

SPEED & SPIRIT is what we look for in our candidates, defined by some simple values that inspire us to BE DRIVEN in our performance, BE VIBRANT in our sporting legacy, BE TOGETHER in our team spirit, and BE YOU to let our individual talent and experience shine. Applying for a job at PUMA is easy. Simply click APPLY ONLINE and follow the steps to upload your application.

Your Talent


  • スポーツまたはカジュアルアパレル業界でのアパレルマーチャンダイジング業務経験
  • エクセルとパワーポイントの高いスキル
  • コミュニケーションスキル・プレゼンテーション スキル
  • 英語 TOEIC600点程度(読み書きがある程度できるレベル且つ今後学習意欲のある方、ビジネスレベル尚可)
  •  日本語(ネイティブレベル)
  • クリティカルシンキング
  • 問題解決能力
  • 結果志向

Required Skills

  • Experience in apparel merchandising in the sports or casual apparel industry
  • High skills in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • English TOEIC score about 600 (Able to read and write to a certain level and willing to learn in the future, business level preferred)
  • Japanese (native level)
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Result oriented

Your Mission


Financial targetを達成すべく、グローバルからのシーズン毎の戦略をベースとし、日本のマーケット状況に合わせたローカルの戦略を営業、リテール、マーケティング、スポーツマーケティングと連携しながら企画、実行する。セルスルーを重視し、その結果に基づき、スピーディに次のアクションに繋げていく。営業やリテールと密接に連携して、バランスの取れた商品ラインナップと、ビジネスに貢献する商品を供給する。


  • グローバルオファーをベースとしてマーケットに適切なアソートメントを作成。アカウントエクスクルーシブも戦略的に設定。(Global Inline)
  • ローカルニーズに特化した戦略的な商品を製品本部と協業して開発。(NRP)
  • 顧客ごとの戦略、カテゴリ戦略に基づき、アカウント限定プロダクトを製品本部と協業して開発。(SMU)


  • 戦略的なプライシングを実施
  • 単品別の数量プランを策定(Order Forecast)
  • オーダー内容をマーチャンダイジング、開発に反映(PO Review)
  • セルスルー結果に基づきアクションを実施(ST Review)



(Merch Review Mtg →Line Freeze Mtg→ Final Business Pack)






  • 商品情報管理 (商品リスト、サンプル管理)
  • カタログ情報の作成、修正
  • 商品情報システムへの商品コメント作成
  • 商品問い合わせ対応

Planning, execution and validation of local strategies based on global direction

To achieve the financial target, plan and execute local strategies tailored to the Japanese market situation in collaboration with sales, retail, marketing, while using the strategies downloaded from global team each season as a base. Emphasis on sell-through and quick linkage to next actions based on verification of the results. Work closely with Sales and Retail to always supply a balanced product lineup and products that contribute to the business.

Product Merchandising

  • Create market-appropriate assortments based on global offers. Account exclusives are also strategically set up. (Global Inline)
  • Collaborate with RCCs to develop strategic products that focus on local needs. (NRP)
  • Based on account and category strategies, will be developed as account-only products by briefing to RCCs. (SMU)

Managing business figures

  • Strategic pricing that ensures appropriate margins based on market prices.
  • Develop a quantity plan by single item.
  • Review sell-through status with focus products and implement actions.

Global GTM Process

Participate in each meeting and provide appropriate feedback and requests to the global range based on local market information.

As a counterpart in Japan, I participate in meetings to provide feedback on global concepts and designs, and if necessary, make requests to ensure the completion of products aligns with our final strategy.

(Merch Review Mtg→ Line Freeze Mtg→ Final Business Pack)

Local GTM process

Based on global information, collaborate with sales, retail, and marketing teams in Japan to share strategies. Develop effective presentations to formulate category strategies and communicate them company-wide. Prepare for negotiations that lead my assigned category to success, working closely with sales.

Key Account Business Support

Collaborate with sales to conduct product development with key accounts and directly communicate regarding products in assigned category.

Management of all aspects of the development and sales process for other assigned categories.

  • Management of product information (product lists, sample management)
  • Creation and revision of catalog information
  • Writing product comments for the product information system
  • Handling product inquiries

PUMA provides equal opportunities for all job applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Equality for all is one of the core principles at PUMA and we do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.

PUMA supports over 21,000 employees across 51 countries. The PUMA Group owns the brand PUMA, Cobra Golf and stichd, and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

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